Useful to know

You can find the exam regulations here.
After you chose your study program, you can find your “Modulhandbuch” and “Prüfungsordnung” (exam regulations) on the right-hand sight. You can find an overview of the modules for your study program and an idea of what to pick for your upcoming semesters in the Modulhandbuch.

More information and FAQ here.

Places to go for help and advice:

  • Math Hour
    for questions concerning your homework and lectures
    Mo-Fr, 2-3 pm live via Discord or Zoom, every time via messages on Discord or Ilias.
  • Tutors
    for questions concerning the particular tutorial and homework
  • Specialist Advice Center (Fachberatungszentrum (FBZ))
    for organisation matters concerning your studies (e.g. timetable, advice, exchange programmes)
  • Module Plan and Exam Regulations
    for organisation and legal matters (e.g. timetable, obligatory modules, voluntary modules, deadlines)
  • General Student Advice of The Registrar´s Office
    for organisation matters concerning application, enrollment, change of subjects, re-registration, administrative suspension, exmatriculation, certificate of study, student ID
  • Advice for Students in the Teaching Programme by the TüSE
  • Professors
    for questions concerning the particular class
  • … of course: we, the Student Association for Students of Maths
    for questions of any regard.

For Female Students:

Every female student of mathematics can take part in Math-Mentoring. The idea is to give a student a mentor who is one step further in her scientific career and to whom the student can come with questions in terms of science, university, or just to have someone to talk to.
For more information click here.

For Students with Disabilitys and/or Chronical Illness:

There is a whatsapp-group and a get-together every two weeks organized by fellow students to exchange experiences around studying with disabilities and also studying in general. If your interested, please contact


There is a list of restaurants and bars in Tübingen, which you can find here. You can also add some more to this list!