About Us

What is the Student Association?

We are the representatives of you, the maths students in Tübingen.

We are your voice representing your interests in committees, when it comes to exam regulations, to hire new professors, and we also want to find solutions for your problems. If you have any problems regarding your studies, with your tutor, with your professor, or just general questions, feel free to come to us (in person or contact us via e-mail). We will help you, we promise!

Come and meet us and several other maths students on several occasions, our summer party, Christmas celebration, or our games night.
For the newcomers, there are several possibilities to meet other freshmen: our consulting service, our tour all around Morgenstelle, the freshmen breakfast, a pub tour, and many more…

What is important right before the exams: We collect reports of previous exams, oral ones, and written ones, which might be helpful for your exam preparation.

Everything we do needs someone who does the work. Do you want to help? Join us! Just drop by our room on floor 3, building C, Morgenstelle, or join one of our meetings. Here you can find the current report.