Information for Freshmen

You get all important information in the first sessions of you lecture courses. In general, there is no need to sign up for the lectures. However, you have to sign up for the tutorials as well as the review course.

Your login data for all important pages (Alma, URM, Ilias, etc.) are the ones you got via you immatriculation data. (zx …)

Websites of the Lectures:

Analysis 1 (“Mathematik für Physiker 1”): Website
Lineare Algebra 1 (“Mathematik für Physiker 2”): Ilias, Website

Registration for the Tutorials and Review Course:

via URM (the deadline is Friday, 12 o´clock, first week of lecture courses).

We recommend attending the review courses as well as the tutorials regularly.

Questions Regarding Your Studies? / Problems With Your Homework?

  • Your tutors are more then your teachers who correct your work. Feel free to ask them for help. They are students themselves and know that everyone struggles sometimes.
  • The Math Hour is especially for you and you questions regarding the exercises. It is a workspace where students meet to work on their homework and where you can also find tutors who help with everything you ask for. In the summer term, the Math Hour will be online on discord, monday-friday, 14-15.
    In times of covid-19 you can meet the tutors of the Math Hour every day of the week (excluding Saturday and Sunday) from 2pm to 3pm. For more Information log in via Ilias to the Math Hour.
  • You have further questions regarding your studies? Just contact us, your student organisation team via e-mail (, Instagram (mathefachschaft) or Discord.
  • It is very helpful for your first steps in Tübingen to have a mentor. So, feel free to sign up for the Mentor Programme. Your mentor will be an advanced student who can help you and know whom to ask for what.

Useful to Know

The exam regulations can be found here.
After you chose your study porgram, you can find your “Modulhandbuch” and “Prüfungsordnung” (exam regulations) on the right hand sight. You can find and overview of the modules for your study programme and an idea of what to pick for your upcoming semesters in the Modulhandbuch.

Depending on you second subject, it might be clever for students in the education programme to choose beween Analysis 1 and Lineare Algebra 1 for your first semester and take part in the other one in your second semester. Are you one of those? Just contact us via e-mail ( or Discord and we give you further advice.

Summarized records from oral exams might be helpful for exam preparation. Click here to download them. To get exams from previous semesters please contact the Fachberatungszentrum.

Via our e-mail distribution list we can stay in touch with you, give you information to changes in you study programme or just invite you to one of our events. You can sign in on the left hand side.

Every female student of mathematics can take part in Maths-Mentoring. The idea is to give a student a mentor who is one step further in her scientific career and to whom the student can come with questions in term of science, university, or just to have someone to talk to.
For more information click here.

Your Start in Tübingen

The accomodation agency of the student servicecan be found here. A private room accomodation service can be found at Info Point at Mensa Wilhelmstraße (here). Helpful is also

Infopoints for the BAföG can be found here.


Keep in touch and stay interested in maths!