This is the official hompage of the student association of mathematics at the Unviersity of Tübingen. You can find information about upcoming events, tipps for for first semester, examinees´ logs of their exam, exams from former semesters and much more.


  • We invite you to come to our student association meetings every tuesday at 6pm in C3P07!
  • There are rooms for students in the maths-building now. You can use them anytime to work in groups or chat. You can find them in de maths-building next to the room of us.
  • At our YouTube-Channel you can find our Videos (in german) with answers to frequently asked questions.
  • You can find the planned lectures of the next two semesters here (on the rigth).
  • If you have any questions regarding the registration for the exams on Alma, you may find an answer on this Website or here.

Forum for Questions Concerning Maths Exercises and to Meet Other Students

  • Math Hour:
    You have problems with your exercises? Or other questions of mathematical content. That is what the MathHour is for. You can find it on Discord or on alma.
  • Digital Meetings for Mathematics Students:
    Since the summer term 2020 there is a meeting place at the Discord-Server. You can meet other mathematics students to talk about your exercises, find new friends or simply talk to the students who are online at the same time as you.
    There is also a forum for questions concerning your studies that is managed by us, the student association. Whatever question you have, simply ask, we promise you get an answer.

Mentor Programme for Freshmen

Since the summer term 2020, there is the mentor programme for all newcomers at mathematics. The programme has the objective to make the start at mathematics easier. The idea is quite simply: Every student of one of the basic modules, Lineare Algebra 1 or Analsis 1, is matched to a mentor – an advanced student – who can help with problems, questions and much, much more.
It could be:

  • “How many lectures should I chose to attend in my first semester?”
  • “I have really no idea, how to put my ideas for my proof on paper!”


  • “I need to talk to my tutor/my professor, but I don´t know how .”

More inforamtion: Mentor Programme.

Further Information:

On Alma you can find information about if and in what form the courses take place.

If you could not find the information you were searching for, just have a look at the homepage of the Mathematical Faculty, where most of the current information around Corona and the regarding regulations of the University are provided.