The student association meets every Monday at 5 pm via zoom or in our room (C3P03). Do you want to stop by? Just send us a note and we will give you the link. You are cordially invited!

Upcoming events:

  • 06.12. DKMS registration-event: We help with the registration-event at the Morgenstelle and Clubhaus. Please join us there if you want to register for stem cell donation or send a mail to if you want to help at the event.
  • 14.12 Gamenight and Christmas-party
  • 12.01. Clubhausfest from the mathematicians and the midwives

All events we organize:

  • freshmen program
    consultation appointments, visit of the campus, games night, weekend, pub crawl, breakfast with the professors
  • games nights
  • Christmas celebration
  • summer party
  • Clubhaus
  • talks about “How to write a bachelor thesis?
  • talks from mathematicians in the professional field