Exam Registration

What do I have to register for?

In general, you have to register for everything that you want to have booked in some way in all degree programs administered via alma (which are almost all of them by now) – i.e. for examinations (courses with examinations) as well as for study achievements (“Sitzscheine” or other courses without examinations at the end, such as LinA1 or Ana1). However, not all courses are fully set up on alma yet. Registration is therefore not always possible. If it is not possible, you do not have to register.

This means explicitly:

  • Students in the examination regulations of 2019 in the Bachelor of Science cannot and do not (yet) have to register (because registration is not yet possible there (as of 29.1.2021)).
  • All other students must register for everything that is shown on alma. Often not shown are elective modules from mathematics and almost all modules from other departments. To be on the safe side, check again to see if your module is listed.

Where can I find the registration form?

On alma. If you are registered, you will find “My studies” at the top left, followed by “Planner Of Studies with module plan”. If you have more than one subject, e.g. in the teaching profession, you can select the subject you want to study. If you then see a kind of table/schedule, you still have to click on “Show examination regulations” in the top left-hand corner. At the latest, you will then see a list of all the courses you have to take. If you open “Fundamentals of Mathematics”, a button should appear to the right of the names of the lectures (Analysis 1 and Linear Algebra 1) with which you can register for the lecture.

Until when do I have to register?

The deadline (at MNF) is the last Friday of the lecture period of the semester in question (sometimes earlier in the Valley, no guarantee given). If examinations are to take place earlier, the registration deadline may be earlier in individual cases. To be on the safe side, it is better to register too early than too late – you can always cancel your registration.

You can also find all the information (binding) on the Maths Department website.